Why we collect & use information:

We at Lotus Suutra Jewelry understand that you entrust your data to us. We value that trust. Our collection and use of customer data is guided by our corporate principle of Customers First and subject to our Lotus Suutra Jewelry Responsible Information Management program.

We may use the information we collect for the following primary reasons:

(1) Product & Service Fulfillment (FUL)

(2) Marketing, Promotions & Advertising (ADV)

(3) Internal Operations (OPS)

(4) Fraud Prevention, Security & Compliance (SEC)

(5) Credit Card & Banking (CRD)

We may combine information collected from different sources. Below is a summary of some of the ways we collect and use information:

1. Product & Service Fulfillment (FUL)

  • To complete, fulfill, manage, and communicate with you about transactions;
  • To establish and service your online profile on one of our websites or mobile applications;
  • To provide customer service and alert you to product or shipping information;
  • To manage subscription services, including order management, billing and reordering products, and communicating with you about your subscription.
  1. Marketing, Promotions & Advertising (ADV)
  • To deliver information about our products, services, and promotions (e.g., personalized offers delivered to your home, email, third-party sites or applications, and mobile devices);
  • To provide interactive features on our websites and mobile applications (e.g., product ratings and reviews, real-time offers, and location-based services such as store maps);
  • To identify product preferences and shopping preferences (e.g., services and promotions of possible interest); and
  • To administer contests, sweepstakes, promotions, surveys, and focus groups.
  1. Internal Operations (OPS)
  • To improve the effectiveness of our websites, stores, mobile applications, merchandise assortment, and customer service;
  • To conduct research and analytics related to our operations; and
  • To perform other logistics and operation activities as needed.
  1. Fraud Prevention, Security and Compliance (SEC)
  • To protect our assets and prevent fraudulent transactions;
  • To validate credentials and authenticate customers when logging into your online profile, applications, or transacting in store;
  • To protect the security and integrity of our Services and our data; and
  • To assist law enforcement and respond to legal/regulatory inquiries.
  1. Credit Card & Banking (CRD)
  • To process your payments and address your order inquiries and requests;
  • To offer you additional products or services that may be of interest.

The rest of this Notice refers to the collection and use of the codes above (FUL; ADV; OPS; SEC; CRD). This is so you can better understand why we collect and use different types of information in accordance with our privacy practices and our Responsible Information Management program.

Types of information we collect

Lotus Suutra Jewelry collects certain information from you and about you. This may include:

  • Identifying Information (FUL, ADV, OPS, SEC): We collect this information when you create a profile, place an order, create a registry or take advantage of other programs online or in store, or contact us through the "Live Chat" feature on our site. For example: Name, Address (billing and shipping), Zip code, email address, Telephone number(s), Cellular phone number(s), Credit card number(s), Birth date, and Security question answers.
  • Payment Information (FUL, ADV, OPS, SEC, CRD): We collect this information when you make in-store or online purchases. For example, your credit card number and billing address.
  • Information You Post (ADV, OPS): We collect this information when you post in a public space on our site. For example, our Ratings & Reviews feature.
  • Event Information (ADV, OPS): We collect this information when you sign-up for our events. For example, contact information and mailing address.
  • Demographic Information (ADV, OPS): We collect this information when you participate in a contest, sweepstakes, promotion, or survey. For example, your age, gender and zip code.
  • PAN Card Information: We collect your PAN information to the extent permitted by applicable law. For example, we are obliged to collect PAN Cards details for sales values at or above INR 2,00,000
  • Device Information : We collect this information when you visit our website or apps. For example, the type of device you use to access our platforms, your device identification number, IP address or mobile operating system.
  • Location Information (FUL, ADV, OPS, SEC): We collect this information about your location when your device is set to provide location information.
  • Commercial Information (FUL, ADV, OPS, SEC): We collect this information when you make a purchase or create a gift registry. For example, details about the products or services purchased, obtained or considered, as well as other purchasing or consuming histories or tendencies.
  • Internet or other Network Activity Information (FUL, ADV, OPS, SEC): We collect this information when you visit our website, use our mobile applications, shop in our stores, or interact with our wireless services and other technologies. This information is either automatically collected or is customer-initiated. For example, your browsing history, search history and other information regarding your interactions with our Platforms or advertisements.
  • Other Information (FUL, ADV, OPS, SEC): If you use our website, we may collect information about the browser you are using. We may look at what site you came from, or what site you visit when you leave us. If you use our app, we may look at how often you use the app and where you downloaded it. If you visit our stores, we may capture pictures, video footage, or use facial recognition software for security and fraud detection purposes. When you call our customer service team, we record calls for quality assurance and operational optimization purposes.

How we collect information

  1. Information You Provide to Us (FUL, ADV, OPS, SEC, CRD)
  • We collect a variety of information when you create a profile, place an order, create a registry, or take advantage of other programs online or in-store. Information we may collect includes: your name, address (billing and shipping), zip code, email addresses, telephone number(s), credit card number(s), and date of birth
  1. Information We Collect Through Data Collection Technologies (FUL, ADV, OPS, SEC, CRD)
  • We collect information through several channels. For example, we may collect your Personal Information when you visit our websites, use our mobile applications, shop in our stores, or interact with our wireless services or other technologies. This information is either automatically collected or is customer-initiated
  1. Information From Other Sources (FUL, ADV, OPS, SEC, CRD)
  • We may receive your updated shipping information from a third-party provider.
  • We may collect or use information made available to us through third-party platforms, online databases and directories, or other means. We specify that data sourced from these third parties must be legitimately obtained. Note that this information may be governed by the privacy statement of the third party.
  • We participate in consortiums to share information or match customer data. When shared, this information is de-identified or anonymized.
  • We may receive various types of information, including identification information, contact information, and transactional information from our service providers, vendors, and Family of Businesses entities.

We may share your information in the following ways:

  • Internally. We may share your information within the Lotus Suutra Jewelry of Businesses.
  • On our Platforms. For example, we may display information you post on our Reviews feature. We may also display information you choose to share on your gift registry.
  • With Our Service Providers. We may share your information with third parties who facilitate our operations and perform services on our behalf. For example, this may include advertising and marketing vendors or shipping and fulfilment service providers among others
  • With Our Business Partners. For example, this may include third parties that provide products and services related to our business that enhance our offering portfolio to help us serve you better. These may include manufacturers and retailers of Lotus Suutra Jewelry merchandise and product lines.
  • With Third Parties for Marketing Purposes. This may include third parties whose products or services we believe you may be interested. These third parties may also share your information with others. These third parties may use your information for their own marketing purposes or the marketing purposes of others. This may include the delivery of internet-based advertising.
  • With Any Successors to All or Part of Our Business. For example, if Lotus Suutra Jewelry merges with, acquires or is acquired by another business entity. This may include an asset sale, corporate reorganization or other change of control. Note that if Lotus Suutra Jewelry or any of its subsidiaries is sold to or otherwise acquired by a third party, all Lotus Suutra Jewelry data assets will become the property of the acquiring party. Such a party will be subject to any consent(s), opt-outs or other customer conditions on data. A change in data ownership may or may not include a notice on the primary online sites of Lotus Suutra Jewelry or the affected subsidiary sites.
  • To Comply with the Law or to Protect Ourselves. For example, this could include responding to a court order or subpoena. It could also include sharing information if a government agency or investigatory body requests. We may share information when we are investigating a potential fraud. This could include fraud we think has occurred during a sweepstakes or promotion. We may also share information if you are the winner of a sweepstakes or other contest with anyone who requests a winner's list.
  • We may share information when we are investigating a potential fraud. This could include fraud we think has occurred during a sweepstakes or promotion. We may also share information if you are the winner of a sweepstakes or other contest with anyone who requests a winner's list.

Our use of Information Technologies

The following section describes various types of technologies we use when you interact with us online, through our mobile applications, shop in our stores, or use our wireless services, and your choices regarding those technologies:

Website Optimization Services (ADV, OPS)

  • Lotus Suutra Jewelry shares data with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and IBM Digital Analytics to understand and optimize website performance and enhance site usability for our customers. These tools run in the background of our sites analyzing site usage information and then returning reports to us through an encrypted connection. They are required to maintain data securely and confidentially and are not permitted to share data collected with parties other than Lotus Suutra Jewelry. Credit card or password data is not collected through Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or IBM Digital Analytics. In addition, Google Analytics may associate and group session visits to our website from various browsers and devices.

Interest-Based or Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) (ADV, OPS)

  • Lotus Suutra Jewelry uses third-party advertising companies to serve interest-based advertisements. These companies compile information from various online sources (including mobile-enabled browsers and applications) to match user profiles with ads we believe will be most relevant, interesting and timely based on that user profile.

Social Network & New Tech Advertising Programs (ADV)

  • Lotus Suutra Jewelry has relationships with several social networks and new tech companies. These companies have specific Interest-Based Ads programs that match people that have shown interest in Lotus Suutra Jewelry through our website or other services with their profiles (such as on Facebook) and platforms (such as Facebook and Google properties). This matching allows us to deliver relevant, interest-based ads on those companies' networks.
  • Lotus Suutra Jewelry does not currently recognize and process Do Not Track signals from different web browsers. Customers may manage their preferences for tracking across sites in the Interest-Based Advertising section above.
  1. Access to Accounts, Online Profiles, and Orders
    • If you are a registered user Lotus Suutra Jewelry, you can update your information My Account.
    • If you have questions about your order, you may check your order status online in My Order.
    • If you have any additional questions, please call our Customer Service Department at +91 7738661975
    • Alternately, you can send us an email to our customer services teams who will be happy to assist at hello@lotussuutrajewelry.com
  1. Email Communications

Promotional or Marketing Emails: To opt-out of receiving promotional or marketing emails from Lotus Suutra Jewelry at a specific email address, you may:

  • Use the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email sent by lotussuutrajewelry.com.
  • Unsubscribe by signing into your account on lotussuutrajewelry.com, clicking on my profile and indicating your opt-out preference.

Specialized Email Programs: You may have signed up for one of our specialized email programs (e.g. Registry Star Rewards). To opt-out of receiving emails from one of those specialized programs, you may use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of these emails.

Note: Operational emails (e.g. shipping confirmation or product recall information) do not provide an opt-out option.

Ownership of customer data

If Lotus Suutra Jewelry or any of its subsidiaries is sold to or otherwise acquired by a third party, all Lotus Suutra Jewelry  data assets will become the property of the acquiring party. Such a party will be subject to any consent(s), opt-outs or other customer conditions on data. A change in data ownership may or may not include a notice on the primary online sites of Lotus Suutra Jewelry, Inc. or the affected subsidiary sites.

Safeguarding information

Lotus Suutra Jewelry has put in place various procedural, technical, and administrative measures to safeguard the information we collect and use. We designed our technology-enabled services to accept orders only from Web and mobile browsers that permit communication through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is an encryption standard that provides a layer of security while information is being transmitted over the Internet.

As a matter of policy, we do not disclose details regarding our security measures as this could be beneficial information to criminals and other bad actors.

Be advised, no security safeguards or standards are guaranteed to provide 100% security. You should always use appropriate self-protection measures and practice safe browsing on all websites.
Additionally, sometimes bad actors attempt to use our brand to create fake web pages, send fake texts or emails, and conduct other illegal activities to commit fraud or attempt to breach consumers' security. We actively monitor for these illegal scams and shams.

Lotus Suutra Jewelry statement on cookies

This Statement applies to websites and mobile-enabled web (collectively "online services") owned and operated by Lotus Suutra Jewelry, a Clio Trading Private Limited company. By continuing to use our online services you agree to the use of our cookies.

We use cookies, web beacons, pixels, and other tracking technologies to deliver, monitor and improve our websites, mobile enabled web and display content. This Statement describes the information we collect through cookies and other tracking technologies. Approved third parties may also place cookies on your web or mobile browser when you use our online services.

What Are Cookies?

  • A Cookie is a small piece of computer code sent by a website and stored on the hard disk of your computer. A pixel tag (also known as a tracking pixel, web beacon, or clear GIF) is an embedded image on a website that may register a user's website activity. A Flash Cookie (also known as a Local Shared Object) is a data file stored on your computer by the websites that you visit . Flash Cookies provide similar functionality as Cookies, but are based on different technology, provide richer data collections, and are persistent; they do not go away when you exit your browser and generally cannot be deleted through your browser option tools.
  • Our online services use two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies only exist while your browser is open. We use session cookies for website functionality, such as managing items added to your shopping cart. Persistent cookies are not removed when you exit your web browser. We use persistent cookies to enable an easier log-in process, provide you with a more personalized shopping experience, and help you navigate our website more efficiently. We also use persistent cookies to show you the items you have previously browsed. We may use flash cookie on our online services to enable or control flash-based content.

How & Why We Use Cookies

  • We use cookies to improve our services and provide you with the best possible experience. We may use cookies in order to identify you; provide relevant, interest-based advertising; remember your preferences; secure your access; know when content has been shown to you; provide aggregated auditing, research, and reporting for advertisers; understand and improve our online services; and detect and defend against fraud and other risks. When we send you an email, we may use cookies to understand if you have accessed the information provided in the email. We may combine information collected through the cookies with your Personal Information in order to provide you a personalized experience including advertising about products and services you may find of interest. The information we collect from cookies also may allow us to identify you across devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers or related browsers.
  • We may allow certain approved third parties to place their cookies on our websites or within our advertisements. Your web browser may request advertisements directly from third party advertising network servers which do not have a business relationship with us. These advertisements may place cookies that can view, edit, or set third party cookies, just as if you had requested a web page from the third-party site. We are not responsible for the practices, including the use of cookies, employed by third party websites, mobile enabled web or online services linked to or from Lotus Suutra Jewelry or for the content contained therein.
  • Third-party websites, mobile enabled web, and online services accessible on the Internet are outside the control or limits of this Cookie Policy.

How To Manage Your Cookie Preferences

To optimize your online experience, we use different types of cookies. We categorize these cookies into the following types:

  • Marketing cookies
  • Operational cookies
  • Essential cookies
  • Third party cookies

Managing cookie preferences differs from browser to browser so please refer to your browser for further information. If you would like to disable cookies and web beacons, please use the help function in your web browser to restrict cookies from our website(s).

To manage the Flash Cookie settings and preferences for your computer, mobile phone or wireless devices and you will be directed to the Settings Manager on Adobe's website. You may also be able to manage Flash Cookies from your browser, depending on the version of your browser.

Note: If you block cookies from Lotus Suutra Jewelry you will not be able to make purchases on our website.

Social Network & New Tech Advertising

You can manage your preferences for many of these advertising programs through the links provided below: